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At Norm’s, with 50+ years of experience behind us we have learned that clients appreciate getting a range of services for their equipment from one expert business.

Not only can we supply the equipment, but we can also service and maintain the units in Southern California. (Trusted referrals can be given for the rest of California.) Our Sales Team knows their product. They will be there for support beyond the sale including for Warranty support.

Norm’s knows our relationship with Service Technicians is so important. We trust the expertise of the techs to handle maintenance and repair. As a service for them, we host the top manufacturers for Service Schools so everyone can learn the ins and outs of the equipment.


Ask about our full-service leasing of ice machines and refrigerators. Leasing is a great option to reduce upfront costs and maintenance plans are included. Set-up and installation is included so there is no hassle for your business!

Norm’s can provide the best services for your success. 
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