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Warranty Assistance

Norm’s facilitates the warranty procedures for the manufacturers we represent. Many of our service partners already make warranty claims directly with the factories, and we encourage them to do so.

However, we can submit a warranty claim on behalf of any licensed refrigeration contractor who does not have a direct account with IOM. For the other manufacturers customers are to submit claims directly. We do not do submit claims to factories other than Ice-O-Matic, but we can help you with the proper steps to submit these claims to each factory.


If you know the part is for warranty please supply Model number and Serial number so we can label the invoice correctly. The repair date must not exceed 30 days from the warranty submission date.

For Norm’s to submit a claim, we must have:

  • A copy of the service company’s invoice billed to Norm’s Refrigeration must be submitted to Norm’s including the 3 Cs:

    • Complaint

    • Cause

    • Correction

  • Serial number of the equipment listed on the labor bill

  • Original Norms part Invoice Copy (Invoice# or PO # will also do)

-Please hold onto your warranty parts until the claim is paid and you have received the check form Norms.

-If the factory wants the part returned for quality control, Norms will inform you, and it will need to be shipped to IOM

-Your part must be purchased from Norms for us to process your claim and issue credit for the parts. You will receive two       separate checks, one for the labor and the other for the paid parts.         

-Please email your labor invoice to:

Also include location of service (name of location, address and contact name. Norm’s will not contact the customer but this is required by Ice-O-Matic on the submittal of claims.)

Norm’s will submit the repair bill and reimburse the repair company for the allowable labor from the factory after we are paid. However, we will not be responsible for additional charges including freight without preauthorization from the manufacturer.

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